AlgoMinter Beta is now live!

How to Mint

Once you have configured, generated, and downloaded your images from AlgoMinter, you'll want to mint them to the Algorand blockchain. There are multiple ways to do this. Let's check them out.

Using AlgoMinter (Coming Soon)

AlgoMinter will soon have a built-in minting feature that will allow you to mint your images directly from the app. This will be the easiest way to mint your images.

AlgoMinter's Node.js Minting Script

If you're familiar with Node.js, you can use AlgoMinter's Mint Script to mint your images. This script will allow you to mint your images using the Algorand SDK and a Pinata API key.

Thurstober Digital Studios Laboratory

Check out this awesome AlgoMinter to Lab Conversion Guide by LoafPickle to learn how to mint your generated images using the Thurstober Digital Studios Laboratory.